Ayurvedic secrets to release your menstrual pain

When I was younger I consumed the contraceptive pill for a long time and periods came easy to me. After refusing to take them any longer for 5 years or more, meant that my period started to hitting me sometimes really, really hard. At first I was a bit restless because we all have to function in our day to day lives to some point, so I decided to go the easy way and just took some painkillers. Painkillers let me function but they do not let me feel any better. They just take away the pain a while. As CBD in Germany is hard to get, I bought myself some drops in the States and have a new level of freedom now. But. There are also Ayurvedic remedies available to make your period gentle and take away the pain and the mood swings! I have here some free facts and tips, how to make your next period a gentle ride instead of a rollercoaster!

Good to know: In Ayurveda, the menstrual cycle has its very own Vata, Pitta and Kapha stage. If you can sense which phase affects you most, then you can find the best way to support yourself through your period. Shortly explained how the Ayurvedic menstrual cycle works:

  • The Vata phase lasts from day 1-5 (when your period hits in)
  • The Kapha phase lasts from the end of bleeding until ovulation (ca. days 4-14)
  • The Pitta phase lasts from ovulation until your period starts (days 14-18).

The following tips are a SOS-guide. The key is balancing everything out – that means start to follow a daily routine and balancing your Doshas. Just the right topic for another article! 🙂 Let´s head over to our remedies:

1.) Eat the right food with powerful ingredients

Craving sweets is for the most of us normal during our period. Combine the cravings for sweet food with healthy habits, awesome herbs and spices to make you feel better and help your body to release tension! Eat warm, easy digestive Foods that you like. There is always a healthier version of every meal! 😉

Find my recipe for my “Treat yourself like a Queen” porridge here: https://fromayurvedawithlove.com/2019/03/15/the-treat-yourself-like-a-queen-porridge-recipe/

and also discover my recipe for Ayurvedic Pho here: https://fromayurvedawithlove.com/2019/03/16/the-period-cure-fho-real/

Facts: Ashwagandha, Maca, Fennel, and the herbs I am using there can take your pain away, balance your hormones and as adaptogens work – give you just the right amount of energy or stress-reducing-vibes – you will experience the difference AND had some awesome, mouth watering food! (Promise!)

    2.) Easy Yoga practice to help your body, mind and soul

Going crazy with Vinyasa or Ashtanga feels great – but the week where you cycle, you should step back and honor your body with some sweet and nourishing flows. It helps to open your body up, reducing stress and balancing hormones as well, plus – it will boost your mood. Skip the inversions and flows, focus on reducing Vata dosha with deep and slow hip openers, heart openers and relaxing the neck and shoulders!

3.) Skip (besides of work) all your schedules for the first three days of your period!

Let us get real – just a hand full of people have the luxury to stay at home while the period hits in. Most of us need to do a living. But try to make your free time even more relaxing and nourishing. Take a long and warm bath. Give yourself an Ayurvedic Self Massage. Use a face mask. Listen to some relaxing music while reading. Sleep more when your body needs it! But skip the friends, shopping, visiting, whatever stuff and focus on yourself! It will make such a big difference!

   4.) Discover herbal supplements and try some new!

Hot Cocoa with Ashwagandha, CBD chocolate or drops, adaptogens like Cordyceps – are all some herbs which are working awesome for me! There are also some more possibilities, just try some and find a way. But let the idea of painkillers go, as they affect for sure our organs! We should take them when it is really necessary and not once a month! I use actually a cocoa mix with Ashwagandha and drink it once a day with warm almond milk. When I am in pain, I use CBD drops – they don´t make you feel weird, dont panic! They will take away the cramps and headache by relaxing your muscles and nerves. To feel more fit, I use some Mushroom capsules with Cordyceps and Ginseng – they help me to stay focused and my head feels less “clouded and heavy.” A few companies, which having those products are for example: Pukka herbs, Dr. Kappl, Four Sigmatic.

Periods have their own stages of our Doshas and we can help in every state with different herbs and techniques to balance that Dosha out. Balanced Dosha means a gentle period! Eat warm and nourishing food, take your time off and slow down your work-out routine. Instead of taking pain Killers, try some new remedies.

Thank you so much for stopping by again and leave some love and thoughts in our comments below! Tune in next Sunday and meet the beautiful Christine Mc Cormack from Transformative Nourishment! Namaste!


Published by fromayurvedawithlove

I am a certified AyurYoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Coach, Wellness and Health Coach, specialized on prevention and therapy with scoliosis. I am actually based in Mainz, Germany. I believe in veganizing Ayurveda and find a way to use all of it´s amazing remedies in our modern life.

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