Feel great with our 6 days AyurYoga Detox – you can do it at home!

Fasting, Detox and other cleansing techniques – you maybe read a bunch and hear a lot actually about it. Spring just arrived and historically every culture got it´s own way to fast – periodically fasting to keep the body, mind and soul healthy. We can help our body a lot to detoxify and keep our cells, organs and tissue young and functional.

Ayurvedic detoxifying techniques are mellow and ingenious. The most important is the so called “Panchakarma treatment.” Panchakarma is a long treatment and can hardly be done alone. So Ayurveda got for sure some treatments which can be done at home and they are also nourishing and healing.

Fasting and Detoxing should be done for some days and we should step back and slow down while doing it. But I also wanted to add a practice which can be done without taking some days off at work. A gentle and nourishing practice, which we can add to our day to day life and which will also help us to cleanse our system.

Free Ayurvedic Detox Guide

On the first of April I will publish my little 6 day-detox-guide, that comes along with a 6 days #AyurYogaChallenge on Instagram. This ebook is going to be available as a FREE download. It will lead you through the first steps of a Detox with recipes, cleansing techniques and Yoga poses. And on top, you can also win some cool stuff! Make sure to check in there and follow @fromayurvedawithlove for more informations about Hosts, sponsors and the Detox.

Why do we need detoxification?

Toxins show up in varieties in our system and body. Throughout the environment we are living in, our diet, chemical reactions in our body because of stress. According to Ayurveda is a detoxification an important practice to keep us healthy and functional. When we talk about toxins, we talk about “Ama.” Ama means literally “what we did not digested.” When we eat too much and also wrong things, our body can´t digest well and our digestive fire, the so called “Agni” is working low. To digest all the Ama, we need to have a strong Agni.

Ama shows up as a white, thick coat – which you also can see on your tongue sometimes. During aging, our body also need help to get rid of Ama more. Ama is the start of all sickness and illness. An ayurvedic word for illness is “Amaya” – which means “product of Ama.”

According to Ayurvedic science there is at first Rasa (digestive product) and out of Rasa, the so called Dhatus (tissues). If your Agni is low, your system can´t digest Rasa and so it leads to Ama in your intestines. In the normal cases, your body can digest it well and get rid off it constantly. When we are out of balance, our body safes that Ama and our digestive fire can´t work like it should. So increase Agni is one important element to eliminate Ama.

Ama for itself is also not the problem. It´s going to be tricky when it connects with the Doshas. The older scripts like The Chakra Samhita describes this progress as the start of many illnesses.

We should detox regularly. Twice a year would be awesome. Once a month maybe better. When you experience the following symptoms, you should start and detox with us!

  • Symptoms of indigestion
  • A bad breathe
  • Constantly tired
  • No appetite
  • Feeling weak
  • Sadness
  • Lethargy

Also allergies and other symptoms can be caused by Ama. Like a stuffed nose and skin problems.

In Ayurvedic Detox we strengthen the digestive fire, the Agni.

We don´t starve, we cleanse our body and help with warm food, spices, herbs and Yoga.

We eat more soups and porridges, no cold food and skip coffee, alcohol.

We skip heavy and oily foods for these days.

Are you curious now? I would like to see you on Instagram and also here as well! Find a new but traditionally way to detox for a few days!

Also show by tomorrow – we will post our first Interview! I can tell you so far: she is also connected to the #AyurYogaDetox challenge and is already an Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher. You can win an Ayurvedic consultation with her! (Online!) Sounds nice?

Beautiful Sunday to you and Namaste!


Published by fromayurvedawithlove

I am a certified AyurYoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Coach, Wellness and Health Coach, specialized on prevention and therapy with scoliosis. I am actually based in Mainz, Germany. I believe in veganizing Ayurveda and find a way to use all of it´s amazing remedies in our modern life.

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