Digital Detox by accident…and how it was just the best thing that happened to me!

I headed over to Madrid last Friday to have a nice Weekend trip and meet my friend Natty from NCY. I had a super busy week and so I decided already on Tuesday to pack my bag, everything planned, organized – nothing bad could happen. My mom dropped me off at the trainstation in Mainz after work and as I was sitting there, waiting for the train…I realized that I left my smartphone at her car.

Madrid May 2019


No time to rush somewhere and call her, or no possibility to call her (without a phone it´s hard, right! :D) I am a paper loving person and so I had my ticket stuff and hotel reservation printed out in my bag (lucky me)…And the experience traveling in 2019 without my smartphone just begun.

What is a digital detox holiday…?

For sure, nothing I have planned lately. As an long year experienced Yogi and Ayurvedi, I was for sure sitting there and didn´t flipped out…resetting mindset and thought about what is going to be possible and what is not. The trip was still safe and there was just no need to get anxious, Laptop in my bag and besides of haven´t any camera with me, and can´t contact peeps so easily…it was just not a „I have to freak out situation“ for me.

At the trainstation, everyone was looking at their screens….I was looking at the sky and birds and was happy about the beautiful sunny weather…but also sad that I can´t listen to any music now.

In the train. Everyone playing with their Smartphones again. I was sadly listening to some conversations around me and starring out oft he window. I did not even had any book with me.

My mind was running around between „buying a cheap smartphone at the airport and „buying at least a cheap camera for the trip.“ As you can guess….I didn´t found any of those items at the Airport in Frankfurt.

“Okay. Let´s try in Madrid tomorrow morning.” As I said to myself.

Flight went well, pick-up-service in Madrid went well..I booked an super fancy driver for accident and he said it was maybe the best possible situation to forgot my smartphone and don´t be a zombie like the others.

At the hotel everything went well. Getting the laptop out and write my parents, fiancé and Natty that I am here, landed, safe, fine. At least not super analog in a digital world.

The first hours I felt super nervous and it was creepy how often the word smartphone crossed my mind. I would say, I am a conscious person. I am not perfect, but I am on a good way. But I just realized that I am slave to my little smartphone every day in some way.

Being so addicted to something small and let it structure our day, is for sure some kind of unhealthy issue. I was a bit concerned about my own mind and how it reacted to a situation like that. I was even convincing myself that it would be best to have a cheap smartphone to don´t get lost in Madrid. As if we couldn´t live without navigation system in our Hands anymore nowadays.

The benefits of a digital detox….

Exploring Madrid the next morning was awesome. I enjoyed all the busy places, the architecture, went to places I just found by accident. Was getting myself a map at the tourist information and had a nice afternoon in the botanical garden. Without a phone. I felt more free. I felt more confident. I felt more present.

Beautiful museums I found – by accident!

We need more breaks from our phone. We need to be more present in the here and now. We should stop being so distracted all the time by a little device. The time on the phone holds us back from so many great experiences, views, feelings, conversations and creativity.

But for sure – it is also a great way to capture moments, share with friends who aren´t there and stay in contact.

At the end, the daughter of my Hostal´s owner gave me her old Smartphone to take pictures and use the navigation system. It was a healthy way to use my phone, without great connection ist was more like a camera. I explored so much on my own and just let my heart decide where to go.

I wrote like I didn´t wrote in a long time in my diary and felt my passion for art at museums rising so high. Natty and me made it to a meeting anyways, and all together it was such a productive weekend with many impressions and inspiring moments.

I decided to switch off my phone more often now. Digital detox. That´s what we read a lot nowadays about, huh? Switch the phone off. Take some time and walk in nature. Or just sit there and read. Do you still know how it is just to be here, right now? Just be?

“Just be.”

My goal for the rest of this year is “just to be.”

Did you ever thought about a digital detox lately? Let us know in the comments and share your experiences with us!

Namaste! Let´s head over into a conscious week! 🙂




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I am a certified AyurYoga teacher and Ayurvedic Health Coach, Wellness and Health Coach, specialized on prevention and therapy with scoliosis. I am actually based in Mainz, Germany. I believe in veganizing Ayurveda and find a way to use all of it´s amazing remedies in our modern life.

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