Kick-start your day with an Ayurvedic Morning Routine!

Why you should start an Ayurvedic morning routine

Feel the bliss!

Just imagine: you wake up early, the sun rises, everything is calm and quiet. The birds sing outside. You feel rested, relaxed and calm. You just sit one moment longer in your bed and breathe deeply in and out, thinking About your dreams and how you feel…no stress. No rush. You are present, you are in the here and now. You head over to your bathroom for a morning routine with cleansing your teeth and tongue, a shower and a self-massage.

You make yourself some cup of hot water with ginger or a fennel tea and sit down on your meditation pillow for a few rounds of Pranayama and a short meditation to reflect on your day ahead. Maybe you wake your body up with some gentle sun salutations and stretches.

Can you feel the bliss?

To keep this blissed-out feeling all day, I am going to share with you today some easy ways to start your day in a new and fresh way. You will increase your energy level, helping your body with preventive movements, cultivate balance and peace. You will even boost your metabolism and enhance your digestion.

Sounds good? Let´s make it real!

Beginning your day conscious and mindfully will give you the possibility to create your ideal day.

Why morning routines are important according to Ayurveda

Imagine now one of those days: Hitting the snooze button too many times, rushing out oft he bed for a quick shower and running out oft he house. The traffic drives you crazy, you arrive the office too late and everything is just super annoying to you right away.

Your colleagues are asking stupid questions, your boss is so mean to you – in the lunchtime you head over to calm yourself with fries, a burger and a milkshake „because you deserve that.“ After your meal you feel worse than before.

Sound familiar to you? Don´t worry, I have been here before. A bad day caused by a rushed morning without even had the feeling that everything will „suck.“ But things sometimes start to fall in place and everything works against you.

Keep up the reality modus for working people!

I know that all of this sounds super nice but you don´t know how to integrate it in your short and busy day routine. The first situation I described up there was my routine for days off and the weekend. Because yes, I feel you – I had an office job with frequent office hours and know that we need to keep things realistic here.

But there is a way to start a balanced morning routine even without waking up at 4 a.m. in the morning. Because that was what I thought about Ayurvedic routines first – “how does anyone who is working in a normal job, have time for this?!” It was Kind of overwhelming.

Let me teach you how we can bring more peace and bliss into your day 😊

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normally – I will promise you, even when this sounds harsh at first because you maybe have to wake up at 5:30 and now you need to wake up at 5:00 a.m. – you will make space and more time for your during the day. You will be more focused, relaxed and productive.

First step is for sure to sleep earlier. Did you really need to watch that Netflix episode in the middle of the night and feel worn-out the other day? 30 minutes earlier to bed, waking up 30 minutes earlier. Sounds like we all can do this, right?

Set up a morning routine

My morning routine for busy work days:

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier – ideally according to Ayurveda around 6 a.m.
  2. Rise from your bed and stretch gently your body, stretch your spine looooong ~ 1-2 minutes
  3. Make your way to the kitchen and warm up water for a tea or ginger water ~ 3 minutes
  4. Go tot he bathroom and wash your face with luke warm water, splash it six times into your face ~ 1 minute
  5. Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue, followed by oil pulling – pull the oil 1-3 minutes before you spit it out ~ 6-7 minutes – Find more details to tongue scraping practice here:
  6. Sit down on your mat for a second and meditate and reflect up to 5 minutes ~ 5 minutes
  7. Two rounds of sun salutations and gentle stretches will wake your body up ~ 10 minutes
  8. Take a shower and get ready for your day ~ it´s up to you! 😊
  9. Before you head out, have a warming breakfast which you prepared the night before so that you just need to warm it up ~ 10 minutes
  • So with those extra 30 minutes we have here roundabout 40 minutes, including breakfast – it depends if you are a breakfast person or not, but if not, you should start to cultivate it. 40 more minutes that will make your day amazing!
  • Besides meditating you can also write a gratitude list or a journal and set up a positive mindset for your day, or start with Pranayama !If I feel more like Pranayama on some days, I don´t meditate and raise my vibes with „Breathe of fire“ and „Alternate nostril breathe.“
  • When you are a mom, try to time it before your kids wake up, or you wake them up. This will not work 100% everyday, but you will also profit from a routine like that a lot!
  • On the weekend, I take some more time for my meditation and Yoga practice.

Tomorrow is Monday and a blank new page starts. Won´t you try and let us know how your day have been after setting up an Ayurvedic morning routine? Post in the comments below and let´s share a good day! Let´s have our best new week, new month and thank you so much for your attention!





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