Ayurvedic Chakra Salad Recipe

August and September are harvest months! Plums are ripe, apricots are super sweet, blackberries are on peak, new and fresh pears are already available. We also have got all the summer berries available. It is as you can see – the perfect time for fruit salads!

This chakra salad comes along with an Ayurvedic dressing made of tahini and lemon juice.

Let´s enjoy the last hot days with this refreshing and nourishing, rainbow colored salad!


Strawberries – red/root chakra

Apricots – orange/sacral chakra

Peaches – yellow/sloar plexus chakra

Kiwi – green/heart chakra

Blueberries – blue/throat chakra

Blackberries – indigo/third eye chakra

Plums – violett/crown chakra

& hemp hearts for topping the salad

Ayurvedic Tahini Dressing:

2 tbsp. of tahini

1 tbsp. maple syrup

2 tbsp. orange juice

½ tsp. Cinnamon

pinch of ginger, cardamom, sea salt

½ cup of water (eventually more if needed)


  1. Wash and chop your fruits. You can replace the fruits according to the colors for sure! 😊
  2. Place in a bowl and start to mix the dressing – I used my little blender bottle for this one. Add all the ingredients fort he tahini dressing in your blender, mix it and drizzle it over your salad.
  3. Garnish with the hemp seeds.
  4. Enjoy this beautiful salad with your familiy and friends!

I hope you like this recipe! This is also possible in a savory way with fresh veggies! Want to know how? Then please subscribe to my blog and stay tuned for the next post!

I am wishing you a beautiful new week ahead!


„Good Morning AyurYoga“ Flow

Practicing Yoga in our busy day to day lives can be challenging with Job, Kids a dog and our daily schedule. Ayurveda is recommending to start the day with Yoga and Meditation to feel more stable, awake and grounded.

I really enjoy it to start my day the “Ayurvedic way”, because it gives me lots of strength, energy and creativity but also more balance.

A gentle morning Yoga practice got many benefits

In the morning hours our brain is still in it´s “theta waves” status, which is similar to the status you arrive in deep meditation. We are deeply in contact with intuition and creativity – practicing to make a slow transition from sleeping to being awake can help you to improve your whole life.

This is also the reason why in India and Ayurveda the morning hours are sacred and important for our spiritual progress. It is a sacred space to make the connection to your highest self, to the Universe.

Here is a short sequence I love to practice in my morning hours – it can be done in 15 minutes, if you find some longer time on your mat, it is also possible to stretch it to 30 minutes. But it will help you to start your day in a calm and gentle way!

  1. Bananasana
It is allowed to feel at ease
  • 1 minute each side

Lay on your back. Walk your feet to the right side of the mat, your hands to the right side, arms stretched over head. Place left foot on the right and grab with your left hand your right wrist. Stretch into the side and breathe deeply. Change side after a minute.

This posture helps to relax the area around your bile and will let you feel less anger throughout the day.

2. Crocodile Twist

Breathe deeply into your heart and try to connect with your intuition
  • 1 minute each side

Place your feet now on the mat and cactus your arms – let your legs sway gentle from side to side. Massage your lower back, close your eyes. Let your legs now fall to the left side. Place your foot on the other leg and try to ground your right shoulder as far as possible. Breathe deeply into the area around your belly and enjoy the side stretch and twist. Change side after a minute.

This posture helps you to relax the Psoas muscle. This helps to breathe more deeply and relax our nervous system.

3. Shoulder Bridge

Connect to your inner peace
  • hold for one minute

Open your heart for the new day. Plant your feet on the ground, hip distance apart. Press through your feet and lift your hips to the sky. Externally rotate your arms so your palms face the ceiling, then interlink the fingers behind your back. Open your chest and press into your forearms and hands.

This posture helps you to encourage strength and to walk throughout the day with an more open-heart.

4. Legs Up The Wall on a pillow or block

Feel happiness and balance
  • 2 minutes

Bring now a pillow or block underneath your sacrum and begin to stretch your legs towards the sky. Hips and legs are in alignment. Cactus your arms again to open your chest and feel your shoulders waking up from the night. Flex your feet and make circles to wake your whole lymphatic system up. Breathe deeply into your belly and close your eyes.

The posture helps your spine to start regenerative into a new day and will leave you awake, energized and will give you a happy mood boost.

5. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

You already start to feel awake
  • 2 minutes

Now bend your knees. Bring your feet together with the outer edges of both feet on the floor. Place your heels close to your groin.

Let your palms lie next to your hips, palms facing the earth.

Exhale, and ensure that your abdominal muscles contract as your tailbone moves close to your pubic bone. Feel the elongation in your lower back and the stability of your spine as your pelvis tilts.

With the next deep exhale, let your knees open up such that it creates a good stretch in your groin and inner thighs. Feet are touching. Let shoulders and head relax.

Bring your hands in prayer position to your forehead and let your thumbs rest on your third eye centre.

This pose will bring you a deep relaxation and open up your third eye. The morning hours are perfect for this practice.

6. Gentle side stretches

Make space for yourself
  • 1 minute each side

Come to a seated, cross-legged position. Bring your right hand on the floor close to your hip area. Draw your right shoulder now down, bend the right elbow a tiny bit. Focus on your shoulder here, breathe deeply in and move the left arm now in front of you and above your head. Stretch the left arm and upper body now while you lean towards the right. Change sides after one minute.

This posture will help you to get rid of stiffness in your shoulders and neck.

7. Crossed legged forward fold and side stretch

Everything is allowed to flow throughout you
  • 3 minutes

Sit tall and straight. Breathe deeply in and out and start slowly to walk your hands away from you. Find your back straight, shoulders open, neck long and relaxed and focus on the stretch of your back. Stay here for 10 – 15 deep breaths.

Start walking the hands now to the right (later left) and focus more on your shoulders and side. You should feel here a good stretch in your side body. Bring your hands close to one another and start tot wist gently. Your chest wants to open up to the sky. Relax your neck.

Walk your hand back in the middle and stretch the other side.

This posture will help you to open up and get rid off tightness in your side body and shoulders.

8. Seated spinal twist variation

Listen to your breath and let it come and go like waves
  • 1 minute each side

Sit tall again and let your spine grow long. Inhale and bring up both arms, palms facing one another. Exhale and twist with your upper body to the right. Bring your right hand on the bottom behind your back and the left hand onto your right knee. Your neck stays long and you can look towards the right if your neck allows it. If not, let your neck rest above your collarbone. Change sides.

9. Clear the air Pranayama and gratitude practice

Make space and let go – clear the surroundings around you
  • 1 minute up to five minutes

Sit tall, bring your hands onto your knees. While inhaling you bring your arms up slowly and let the palms touch above your head, look slightly up to your hands and pause for a moment. While exhaling, you bring the hands in prayer position slowly to your heart. Inhale through the nose and exhale with a sigh through your mouth. Inhale new space, energy – prana. Exhale everything, you want to let go off. Take 10 of these deep breaths. When finished, bring your hands in prayer position to your heart. Close your eyes.

Let your heart open wide

What are you grateful for today? Can you invite gratitude into your morning?

Here are some helpful gratitude affirmations:

  • Thank you for this new day.
  • Thank you for all the blessings this day will bring.
  • I invite gratitude to my heart.
  • I am grateful for who I am and what I have.
  • I am thankful for simply being alive.

When you found your affirmation, stay a moment with it and repeat it in silence. Let it sink to the bottom of your heart. Bring your hands in prayer position to your third eye center.Bring your hands to your mouth. Bring your hands back to your heart and bow your forehead slightly down towards your fingertips.

Gratitude towards yourself. For showing up. For taking time. For your practice.

This new day is full of new possibilities. Let it be your best day yet.



Kick-start your day with an Ayurvedic Morning Routine!

Why you should start an Ayurvedic morning routine

Feel the bliss!

Just imagine: you wake up early, the sun rises, everything is calm and quiet. The birds sing outside. You feel rested, relaxed and calm. You just sit one moment longer in your bed and breathe deeply in and out, thinking About your dreams and how you feel…no stress. No rush. You are present, you are in the here and now. You head over to your bathroom for a morning routine with cleansing your teeth and tongue, a shower and a self-massage.

You make yourself some cup of hot water with ginger or a fennel tea and sit down on your meditation pillow for a few rounds of Pranayama and a short meditation to reflect on your day ahead. Maybe you wake your body up with some gentle sun salutations and stretches.

Can you feel the bliss?

To keep this blissed-out feeling all day, I am going to share with you today some easy ways to start your day in a new and fresh way. You will increase your energy level, helping your body with preventive movements, cultivate balance and peace. You will even boost your metabolism and enhance your digestion.

Sounds good? Let´s make it real!

Beginning your day conscious and mindfully will give you the possibility to create your ideal day.

Why morning routines are important according to Ayurveda

Imagine now one of those days: Hitting the snooze button too many times, rushing out oft he bed for a quick shower and running out oft he house. The traffic drives you crazy, you arrive the office too late and everything is just super annoying to you right away.

Your colleagues are asking stupid questions, your boss is so mean to you – in the lunchtime you head over to calm yourself with fries, a burger and a milkshake „because you deserve that.“ After your meal you feel worse than before.

Sound familiar to you? Don´t worry, I have been here before. A bad day caused by a rushed morning without even had the feeling that everything will „suck.“ But things sometimes start to fall in place and everything works against you.

Keep up the reality modus for working people!

I know that all of this sounds super nice but you don´t know how to integrate it in your short and busy day routine. The first situation I described up there was my routine for days off and the weekend. Because yes, I feel you – I had an office job with frequent office hours and know that we need to keep things realistic here.

But there is a way to start a balanced morning routine even without waking up at 4 a.m. in the morning. Because that was what I thought about Ayurvedic routines first – “how does anyone who is working in a normal job, have time for this?!” It was Kind of overwhelming.

Let me teach you how we can bring more peace and bliss into your day 😊

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than normally – I will promise you, even when this sounds harsh at first because you maybe have to wake up at 5:30 and now you need to wake up at 5:00 a.m. – you will make space and more time for your during the day. You will be more focused, relaxed and productive.

First step is for sure to sleep earlier. Did you really need to watch that Netflix episode in the middle of the night and feel worn-out the other day? 30 minutes earlier to bed, waking up 30 minutes earlier. Sounds like we all can do this, right?

Set up a morning routine

My morning routine for busy work days:

  1. Wake up 30 minutes earlier – ideally according to Ayurveda around 6 a.m.
  2. Rise from your bed and stretch gently your body, stretch your spine looooong ~ 1-2 minutes
  3. Make your way to the kitchen and warm up water for a tea or ginger water ~ 3 minutes
  4. Go tot he bathroom and wash your face with luke warm water, splash it six times into your face ~ 1 minute
  5. Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue, followed by oil pulling – pull the oil 1-3 minutes before you spit it out ~ 6-7 minutes – Find more details to tongue scraping practice here: https://fromayurvedawithlove.com/2019/02/24/show-me-your-tongue/
  6. Sit down on your mat for a second and meditate and reflect up to 5 minutes ~ 5 minutes
  7. Two rounds of sun salutations and gentle stretches will wake your body up ~ 10 minutes
  8. Take a shower and get ready for your day ~ it´s up to you! 😊
  9. Before you head out, have a warming breakfast which you prepared the night before so that you just need to warm it up ~ 10 minutes
  • So with those extra 30 minutes we have here roundabout 40 minutes, including breakfast – it depends if you are a breakfast person or not, but if not, you should start to cultivate it. 40 more minutes that will make your day amazing!
  • Besides meditating you can also write a gratitude list or a journal and set up a positive mindset for your day, or start with Pranayama !If I feel more like Pranayama on some days, I don´t meditate and raise my vibes with „Breathe of fire“ and „Alternate nostril breathe.“
  • When you are a mom, try to time it before your kids wake up, or you wake them up. This will not work 100% everyday, but you will also profit from a routine like that a lot!
  • On the weekend, I take some more time for my meditation and Yoga practice.

Tomorrow is Monday and a blank new page starts. Won´t you try and let us know how your day have been after setting up an Ayurvedic morning routine? Post in the comments below and let´s share a good day! Let´s have our best new week, new month and thank you so much for your attention!




Interview with Montserrat Arias aka “Sassyyogagirl” – a honest talk about mental health awareness and women´s rights!

Get to know one of my loveliest friends, far away from Motivation Monday this week, but a truly inspiring Wonder Woman and Yogini, fighting for women´s rights, spreading love and beautiful art! Sassy is such a unique person – read more about here! And promise me to watch her page! 🙂

From Ayurveda With Love means compassion and finding our Dharma in life, so can you tell us what you are compassionate about?

Pretty much every living being on this earth, humans have become so selfish, values are all confused, and for me compassion is the only way to make a real change, compassion to the earth, the animals, to other human beings and yourself. The world is upside down, but I have so much hope that there are so many people that want a change, and that change starts with love and compassion, no other way. And I consider myself one of those persons that want a change.

Tell us where do you come from, what you are doing and what your plans look like for 2019?

I am from Mexico, I am a freelancer at heart, so I don´t have a particular job. I work in so many fields, and my plans for this year is to open an online jewelry store. I am a firmly believer to the power of crystals, amulets, symbols, and I want to finally give life to that project.

Where do you teach and work actually?

As I mentioned before,I have different types of jobs, I work as a Yoga teacher in workshops for women empowerment. I work as an English and Spanish teacher. As I do some work as a model.

Tell us more about your latest project on Instagram – you work there on a project on domestic violence. What it is exactly about and how did you get started about this one?

At some point, social media became so confusing, even toxic in some way, although it has lots of beautiful benefits, as reaching out to amazing people but the dark side, is pretty dark. April is my birthday month and I had the need to make something meaningful, more than just upload photos. So I contact this group, and as April is the month of domestic violence awareness, and I know they do an amazing cause helping men, women, even children and persons with trafficked background to heal through Yoga practice, I decided that was going to be my birthday present.

You also donate for this project; tell us where people can help with and how!

The campaign is called #healmetoo, the groups name is @exhale2inhale and you can find them on Instagram with that name and they have an ongoing fundraising, and this April you can go to my Instagram account @sassyyogagirl and there’s a direct link to make a donation. Going back to the first question, its all about compassion, even if you don´t feel related with the subject, you are a human, same as them, and the fact that people support them in the healing process through Yoga is so meaningful. Because they are humans, as you, as me and we all deserve compassion.

You represent a strong female character in your art and social media accounts, what are your thoughts on feminism?

Feminism for me means equality, equal rights, and equal opportunities, stop that conception that women are either fragile things that need to be protected, or whores and sexual objects, for doing exactly what men can do and they are not condemned.

Do you think that the Yoga scene is also a problem with it´s mostly white, skinny, privileged role models they show on magazines and social media?

This is such a deep question, I mean I love to see beautiful images but it´s sad at some point that social media is projecting Yoga as wearing matching outfits, that are ridiculous expensive, doing super advance postures, and so many girls are so obsessed to become part of that movement, it seems sometimes that the practice becomes to get to a posture and post it with certain outfit, and that´s so far from the Yoga wisdom. I fell into that pattern for sure, giveaways, challenges, likes, followers, and that’s when I realized how toxic this could be. I am very open with my followers about dealing with depression and anxiety and how much Yoga has helped me in the darkest moments, but there´s so many people that look to those photos with crazy postures and beautiful sets and the trendiest outfits in super skinny bodies and they just feel like Yoga is not for them, because they don´t fit with that images. The world needs more Yoga, I can´t imagine what could happened to me without it, and this image of perfection can create so much confusion for people that, as in my case, Yoga could save their life. What do you know about Ayurveda? Do you practice it already?

I am just opening to it thanks to Jasmine, and it’s such a huge world of wisdom, mind, body, soul, and the importance of balance and interior work. I am just starting to learn about it, and how can I open myself and integrate it to my life, moreover with the disease that I deal with, I think it will be so helpful.

I am curious…What are your thoughts about Ayurveda?

As I think about it ´s like programing your mind to work for your benefit, to use the great power of it to live your best version. 

Do you know which Dosha you are?   

I don’t, but I will.

How does your perfect morning routine looks like?

Begin the day with a gentle Yoga practice, a deep meditation, and I take a lot of care of my skin, since I started with mental issue I developed cystic acne so my routine takes a while, but I like to give myself those couple of hours, before I start with my obligations.

How do you integrate Ayurveda into your day to day life?

I am so interested in the relationship with the food, and I would love to know more about it.

You obviously practice Yoga – what is your routine?

Yeah I practice pretty much everyday and I try to have a morning and night practice.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

You know that´s a question I really avoid, when you have a mental disease the first person you have to be compassionate is with yourself, some days you are a functional person, you can even go out and have a social life and suddenly you are afraid to even get out of your room, and you feel so much pain, and loneliness, and because of the huge stigma around mental disease, you isolate yourself from the world. And is really something that you have to take day by day, so I rarely thing about anything but the 24 hours ahead of me, and set goals for the day and try to accomplish them, if I can´t I don’t beat myself anymore, tomorrow it´s a new opportunity.

What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?

My disease. Understand that it is a disease, that it can be cured, and that I am taking the correct steps, and moreover and what really changed the game is becoming really compassionate with myself.

How did you find the path you are on right now?

I always have been very active, and I use to practice Yoga but not really getting into the whole world of it, but Yoga is so magical that even if you don´t realize it you get the benefits! When my condition began to be something I was not controlling anymore, I wasn’t eating or sleeping and I went from alcohol to meds, and things just got so out of control. I ended up in the hospital- and that day I decided, I need to do something, or I am going to die. And that same day I enrolled to my first 200hrs of teacher training and literally it saved my life. And it gave me the need to share how amazing it is.

How important is meditation to you?

So important, before I started to practice it, and understood it, which is not easy -and I had panic attacks the first time, which is something I really don´t wish to anybody – meditation has become my hand break, when I feel the first symptoms, I just stop everything and do some meditation, and it definitely works.

What is your personal philosophy and spiritual path?

Love is the only way, and you are in this world for a purpose, trust your path, and let your spiritual self guide you, let go of control.

What have you done into the last year to improve yourself?

I know I have repeated a lot, but I learned the importance of self love and compassion, when you deal with this type of diseases you always feel guilty, ashamed, a burden to everybody, and it´s not easy, but I practice compassion towards me all the time and the fact that through my experience I have reached people with the same issue in a positive way, that means the world to me.

Who has been your greatest influence?

My mother, she´s such a special human being and do so much for so many people, and is always fighting for the indigenous people rights that sadly in Mexico they are so mistreated, she practice equality and love. And I know I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for her and her unconditional love.

What is your greatest strength?

I would like to believe that I have opened channels that allow me to impact lives in a positive way.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

I don’t hahaha, but I guess I avoid falling into destructive patterns with Yoga, meditation, time and self-love.

What are your favorite self-care practices and rituals?

My skin care routine is a most, I am always searching and trying different natural mixtures that improve my skin, and also my crystals cleansing techniques are such an important moment for me, as the practice of Yoga itself.

Where do you find your ideas for your creative content?

I am very lucky to have very close an out of this world artist, such a genius, and for me creating different characters for photo shoots is like therapy, and I embrace my sensuality with no guilt or sense of look at me.  It’s my body, my rules, my ideas, and in that area I don’t care much about criticism or the opposite of men thinking you are that way to give place for them to be disrespectful, I really have learned to be myself and don’t let anybody make me feel bad about it.

Where can we find you on Social Media and in the World Wide Web?

I am working on my website, which I intent to blog and open the subject of mental health, so many people live with this condition in different ways and the stigma is so big, if I can reach one person and make them feel they are not alone, I will feel so fulfill, moreover if I can get to more people. I have my Instagram account @sassyyogagirl and YouTube channel with the same name where I want to share so many things but I haven´t really develop it as it should be, as I said sometimes you feel that little things that you really want seem like a marathon ahead, but I will make it, and in Mexico I have a Facebook page with the same intention and spread positivity and Yoga.

Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share with us?

“Life is a journey not a destination.”

Thank you so much

With love, Montse

Thank you so much Montserrat for taking all the time! And now – let´s donate for a great cause and watch Sassy´s page on Insta! I am sure we all have some extra money left after the Easter holidays! Spread some love and see you on Sunday,

Namaste! 🙂

Monday Motivation Meditation

Find here my first video of a guided meditation! This meditation is for beginners and will help you to start reflected and inspired into your new week!

Grab a pillow or folded blanket, or a block and sit down with me for a few cycles of breath and setting an intention!

Cultivating a practice like this can help you to focus more on the important things in life and find joy and peace. Find better sleep, wake up more energized, concentrated and relaxed!

I had fun doing this and will do some more for sure! Exploring the possibilities of techniques and technology was fun! If you like my blog, I would love a subscription – visit us soon again and have a beautiful week ahead!