Pitta reduzierender Kokos-Chia-Milchreis

Perfekt für die anstehende Pitta-Jahreszeit und die heißen Sommertage!

Manchmal hat man noch etwas Reis vom Vortag übrig, weiß nicht so genau, was man damit anstellen soll. Meine Lieblingsverwertung ist dabei dieses Rezept für Kokos-Chia-Milchreis. Ich bereite das Gericht meistens mit braunem Reis zu, es lassen sich Beeren und Früchte dazu kombinieren und kann den Milchreis gut kalt essen, zum Frühstück oder als Dessert.

In der heißen Jahreszeit funktioniert unsere Verdauung tatsächlich weniger gut als im Winter – daher sind leichte Gericht, die Pitta reduzieren, jetzt genau richtig. Kokosnuss hilft die Verdauung zu beruhigen, gleichzeitig fühlen wir uns erfrischt und gesättigt. Reis ist leicht verdaulich und reduziert Gasbildung im Darm. Mit einem leckeren Topping aus Beeren, die zum größten Teil entgiftend auf unsere Leber wirken, sind hier der Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt – um ein erfrischendes, süßes und dabei gesundes Gericht zu zaubern!


  • 1 Tasse gekochten Reis vom Vortag
  • 3 EL Chiasamen
  • 1/2 Vanilleschote
  • 1 Prise Salz
  • 1 Prise Zimt
  • Etwas Pflanzenmilch, bevorzugt Kokos, Soja oder Mandel


  • 2 EL Kokosflocken
  • 1 TL Kakaonibs
  • 1 TL Mandelplättchen
  • Beeren oder Früchte deiner Wahl – Himbeeren und Mango passt besonders gut!🙂


  • Bringe den Reis mit der Pflanzenmilch in einem kleinen Topf zum Köcheln, schau einfach mal das der Reis mit der Milch leicht bedeckt ist, da er in dieser Variante ja schon gekocht sein sollte. Lass den Reis auf kleiner Flamme etwa 5 Minuten und unter ständigem Rühren mit der Pflanzenmilch aufquellen.
  • Gebe die Chiasamen, Salz, Zimt und das Mark der Vanilleschote hinzu. Wenn die Flüssigkeit fast vollständig aufgesogen ist, kannst du den Herd ausmachen und die Masse noch auf der Resthitze nachquellen lassen.
  • Wenn die Masse abgekühlt ist, in zwei Gläschen oder Schälchen umfüllen und mit dem gewünschten Topping belegen. Dazu zunächst den Reis mit den Kokosflocken bedecken. Anschließend die Beeren oder die Mango auf die Kokosschicht setzen, mit Mandelplättchen, Kakaonibs bestreuen. Gleich genießen – oder über Nacht noch im Kühlschrank ziehen lassen, schmeckt beides toll!

Kommt gut und sicher in die neue Woche!

Liebe Grüße,

“Late Summer Porridge”

I am sorry that I am not the food blogger which takes 500 pictures from my creations! I am simply too hungry when I am making food! ⠀

But I am the food blogger which shares with you this mouth watering “Late Summer Porridge” recipe – and this! Is going to serve your taste buds!

This Porridge recipe is perfect for breakfast in August and beginning of September, it is also Pitta – Vata friendly! Done with water and without the banana, using quinoa instead of oats it can also serve you Kapha peeps!

So here is this delicious bowl of mine! I hope you will love it! I was spooning it so slowly this morning because I loved how the tastes melted together on my tongue…

This bowl reminds me on late summer, August evenings – the evening light is glowing golden and the days are getting shorter

Ingredients: ⠀

1 cup of gluten free oats⠀

1 tbsp of tiger nuts porridge ⠀

1 – 2 cups of water⠀

1/2 cup of frozen berries ⠀

1/2 ripe banana ⠀

1 tsp of raw chocolate ⠀

1 tsp of chias ⠀

1 tbsp of coconut flakes ⠀

1 tbsp of agave syrup ⠀

Easy, peasy preparation in 10 minutes!

Preparation: ⠀

1. Bring water in a small pot to boil, reduce heat and add the oats. Stirring is recommended a whole lot! 🤗⠀

2. Start to heat the berries in another small pot together with the agave juice. ⠀

3. Add tiger nuts porridge to your oats, stir well and turn off the heat, remove from plate and set aside. ⠀

4. Chop banana into slices, chop raw chocolate into pieces. Add the porridge to a bowl and start topping: first the banana slices, then the warm berries on one side of your bowl, now the chocolate and everything else on top! ⠀

It’s one of the most delicious combinations I ever tried and I hope you will love it too! The choclate melts on your hot porridge and the wild, warm berries and chocolate are tasting together so vibrant and grounding!

I used here @lovechock_official chocolate because that’s my favorite raw chocolate around! #notsponsored

Try my recipe, make a picture and post it on your Social Media, tag our page @fromayurvedawithlove to get a repost or story feature! And let us know how much you liked it for sure!

Have a beautiful Saturday!


Ayurveda SOS guide to stay cool during the heat wave

Climate change brought us last year some challenging summer in Europe and it seems that is will continue this year. As we have Sahara winds this week and upcoming days, I would like to call out to you that you pleeeeease stay safe and hydrated.

Watch out for elderly people and animals as well. Offer help when you see someone is suffering during the heat – homeless people have often no chance to hide before the sun as good as we can.

Stay compassionate, stay conscious. Here is my SOS guide to make the hot days safe!

Dr. Vasant Lad is writing in his book ‘The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies’ that “Summer is hot, bright and sharp, the season of pitta. Thus, it is recommended to keep cool and not allow pitta dosha to become aggravated.”

Here are the most effective ways to stay cool during the heat period and this summer

Gentle Yoga or Tai Chi in the early morning hours
  • Do not excersice like crazy

When you want to practice Yoga or sports, do it in the early morning hours and do it more gentle than you usually would. Don´t stress your body more than the heat already does. A gentle flow, and followed by gentle stretches, a short and calm jogging session would be the best way to move your body in a safe way.

  • Practice Pranayama to cool you down!

Pranayama got some amazing possibilities to cool down the body temperature. Imagine that in some parts of India it is naturally super hot – for sure Yogis had some ideas how to stay cool and relaxed for meditation!

Beat the heat with Sitali:

  • Sit in a comfortable seated position with the head, neck, and spine in alignment.
  • Close your eyes, breathe even and deep for several minutes, then open the mouth and form the lips into an “O.”
  • Curl your tongue lengthwise and stick it out of the mouth about ¾ lenght.
  • Inhale deeply across the tongue and into the mouth as if drinking through a paper straw.
  • Focus your attention on the cooling sensation of the breath as the abdomen and lower ribs expand during your inhales and exhales.
  • Withdraw the tongue and close the mouth, exhaling even through the nostrils.

If you can´t curl your tongue, try Sitkari:

  • Sit in a comfortably seated position with your eyes closed.
  • Press your lower and upper teeth gently together and separate your lips as much as you comfortably can, so your teeth are exposed to the air, feel like the cheshire cat!
  • Inhale slowly through your teeth gaps and focus on the hissing sound of your breath.
  • Close the mouth and slowly exhale through the nose.
  • Repeat this up to 20 times.
  • Close your mouth and breath evenly in and out.
Calm your Pitta horses!
  • Eat Food that is Pitta pacifying

Forget your Dosha for one moment and focus on a heat reducing diet. Summer is Pitta season and so it is awesome to follow a Pitta friendly diet anyways!

Water-rich fruits like Coconut, pineapple, watermelon, peaches, berries will taste even better these days. Watery veggies like cucumber, asparagus and broccoli will be perfect alongside leafy greens. Salads are cooling, especially for dinner time.

Avoid food that is causing heat into your body – tomatoes, chilies, but also citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, beetroots and carrots have warming qualities.

Avoid excessive consumption of meat. Do not skip meals – this will aggravate your Pitta Dosha. Do not overeat.

Coconut oil is perfect to calm Pitta and also got cooling qualities
  • Apply oils with cooling qualities

Coconut oil is – like you might know – a perfect match in summer, but also Sandalwood, Jasmine got the ability to cool you down. Apply in the evening and leave the oil over night onto your skin, coconut oil is also great into your hair to keep it nourished from the dry weather and sunlight. And – it will help to keep your head cool!

Shower in the morning. And feel fresh!

Cucumber water with mint will Keep your head cool
  • Drink at room temperature

Avoid drinking ice cooled drinks, also stimulating drinks like coffee, alcohol, and sugary soda. Opt for homemade lemonade or cooled-down herbal teas like peppermint.

Water at room temperature with some cucumber slices will be perfect during the day to keep yourself hydrated and cool your system.

  • Stay away from the sun and try to relax in the shades. During the hottest time oft he day, try to avoid being outside. Wear light and loose natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe, a hat and sunglasses will give you extra shade when you need to be outside anyway. Use a organic sun lotion to stay safe and don´t get sun burned!
I will keep myself cool with green smoothies! 😎

And: keep it simple: If something feels too hot, stay away. If it feels cool, try it out for the summer season! Especially me as a Vata person love to drink smoothies all day now! 🙂